The Story of Ludlam

A random transcription of the oral history of the Ludlam Family from Marietta, Ga.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Welcome Home

In the spirit of the upcoming Mothers' Day, I thought of a simple gift that all of us might enjoy. I had the thought while reading the recent Boston Recap over at Gunslingers. I enjoyed that post so much that I wanted to create a place for us to write down the stories and memories we've lived and loved. I don't want this to encroach on the branding of Gunslingers, so I want to distinguish it in the following manner. This blog will be a hodgepodge of remembrances as well as memories-in-the-making. A sort of anachronistic oral history of our family. Everything from the stories of our ancestors to the simple lessons about weed-wacking. We are our audience. Write freely.


Blogger Little One said...

I could list a million memories I have shared with the Ludlams, but in the end the biggest is meeting the man if my dreams.....

PS-there is MORE to come!

11:04 PM  

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