The Story of Ludlam

A random transcription of the oral history of the Ludlam Family from Marietta, Ga.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Allow me to introduce myself, Vol. 1

My name is Daniel Michael Ludlam. I am the third of three sons born to Harvey and Barbara. I was born in Somers Point, NJ on March 14th, 1982; this was the third March birthday for our family which led to the separate post-worthy celebration of Lobsterfest. I am engaged to marry Katherine Joann Tidwell of Douglasville, GA on August 5th. This is a brief post because I am currently studying for exams that will conclude my second year at the University of Georgia School of Law in Athens, GA. More to come on all of these topics.

Welcome Home

In the spirit of the upcoming Mothers' Day, I thought of a simple gift that all of us might enjoy. I had the thought while reading the recent Boston Recap over at Gunslingers. I enjoyed that post so much that I wanted to create a place for us to write down the stories and memories we've lived and loved. I don't want this to encroach on the branding of Gunslingers, so I want to distinguish it in the following manner. This blog will be a hodgepodge of remembrances as well as memories-in-the-making. A sort of anachronistic oral history of our family. Everything from the stories of our ancestors to the simple lessons about weed-wacking. We are our audience. Write freely.